• Our Mission

    Delivering comprehensive, focused, customized educational learning content to our university partners and other customers to help them to prepare students of all ages for academic and life success, based upon their unique needs and goals.

  • Our Vision

    We believe a educational program should

    • Provide a positive experience and opportunities for every student to improve their skills and build self-esteem;
    • Deliver customized educational programs designed to build the foundations of their future success by helping them to become independent learners;
    • Help all our students to achieve their personal education goals;
    • Deliver programs for each student to cultivate the learning skills necessary for life success;
    • Be supported by a highly-qualified team of professionals who understand and meet the needs of each student.
  • Our Values

    At STGU, we value…

    • CUSTOMER FOCUS: Our existence depends solely on the customer’s desire to do business with us. We understand that our customers and potential customers are our “true boss” and this is something we never forget.
    • QUALITY SERVICES: We determine our services based on the needs of our customers, always striving to exceed their expectations.
    • EXCELLENCE: We strive for “Best in Class” in everything we do.
    • INNOVATION: We seek creative ideas and new ways of thinking to grow and improve our business.
    • INTEGRITY: We believe in complete honesty in our interactions with each other, our customers, professionals and shareholders. We keep our promises and fulfil our commitments.
    • RESPECT: We value all people, treating them with dignity at all times.
    • COMMUNICATION: We develop on going communication within our organization and between our professionals and our customers in order to build relationships and gain knowledge on how to grow and improve our business.
    • ACCOUNTABILITY: We do what we say we will do and expect the same from others.
    • SELF DEVELOPMENT: We believe in the importance of self-development for each employee in order to grow our business. Each staff member accepts responsibility for his or her personal growth.
    • MEANINGFUL WORK: We work hard, are rewarded based on results and maintain perspective, humor and enthusiasm.